WindowInsets Handling & Keyboard Animations

Jul 20 2021 · Kotlin 1.5.10, Android 11, Android Studio 4.1.3 and Android Studio Arctic Fox Canary 12

Part 2: Keyboard Handling in Jetpack Compose

09. Animate the Keyboard & Surrounding Views

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Notes: 09. Animate the Keyboard & Surrounding Views

Congratulations! You learned how to create a seamless animation when launching the keyboard.

On the same subject, you can learn more about animations on this video course.

Are you looking to know more about window features that you could use on your app? See Resizable Apps & Multi Window Support or how to implement Picture-In-Picture mode in your app.

Heads up... You've reached locked video content where the transcript will be shown as obfuscated text.

You’re app is coming great so far! In this last episode you’ll see how easy it is to implement in Compose the same behavior done in episode 06: Scrolling up on your list of tasks should open the keyboard, and scrolling down should close it. Let’s see how to do so!

.nestedScroll(connection = rememberImeNestedScrollConnection()),