SQLDelight in Android: Getting Started

Aug 3 2021 · Kotlin 1.4, Android 11, Android Studio 4.1

Part 1: Preparation & Setup

06. Add Functions to Tables

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We have covered the creation of tables and columns, but so far we haven’t actually used the database for something substantial - you know, like inserting or fetching data. Well, no more I say! Let’s add some functionality to the sample app.

SELECT * FROM collection;
fun listCollections(): Query<Collection> {
    return database.collectionQueries.all()
private val collectionQuery = repository.listCollections()
private fun refreshState() {
    _state.value = State.Result(
        collections = collectionQuery.executeAsList()
private val collectionQuery = repository.listCollections()

+private val collectionQueryListener = object : Query.Listener {
+    override fun queryResultsChanged() {
+        refreshState()
+    }

init {

+    collectionQuery.addListener(collectionQueryListener)

+override fun onCleared() {
+    collectionQuery.removeListener(collectionQueryListener)
INSERT INTO collection(creationTime, name)
VALUES (:creationTime, :name);
fun addCollection(name: String) {
        creationTime = ZonedDateTime.now().withZoneSameInstant(UTC),
        name = name
fun addCollection(name: String) {