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Jetpack Compose
Part 1: Jetpack Compose Basics Review Android UI Toolkit
— Android & Kotlin

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Review Android UI Toolkit Pro


At the time of this video course, the Android Studio version that was being used was the Canary version (Arctic Fox). Since then, there were new versions of Android Studio, Kotlin and Compose launched that in this case affected the project compilation.

Opening the project with Android Studio Arctic Fox Patch 3, immediately shows you a warning saying:

This project is using version 7.0.0-alpha14 of the Android Gradle plugin, which is incompatible with this version of Android Studio

If you click on upgrade, Android Studio will automatically change the version of distributionUrl from to and the Android Gradle version in the build.gradle file inside the root folder (project level) from 7.0.0-alpha14 to 7.0.3

Please confirm that you have these new versions: distributionUrl=https\://

build.gradle (at the project level) classpath ''

After that’s done, you’ll need to update a few more libraries.

Still in the build.gradle file update:

  1. The Kotlin version that’s going to be used: kotlin_version = '1.4.32'

  2. The Hilt Gradle plugin: classpath ''

  3. The Compose version inside project.ext: compose = "1.0.0-beta07"

You can now synchronize the project.

Once done, click on compile and run the app. :]

Android Studio Canary 4.2 8 or newer required to use the project. Knowledge of Android, the UI toolkit, Kotlin and basic code structure required to follow the concepts and code.

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