Your Second Flutter App

Nov 30 2021 · Dart 2.13, Flutter 2.2.3, Visual Studio Code

Part 5: Meet Inherited Widgets

36. Conclusion

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Congratulations. You've done it. You've created your second Flutter app. Unlike the bulls-eye game you made in the Your First Flutter App Course, in your second app, you made network calls, implemented a repository to access the data in your app, utilized dependency injection, showed data in a list view, added a hero animation, filtered data on a list, used an inherited widget to lift state up in your app. Wow, that's a lot of stuff. You've taken a big leap in understanding of how to build Flutter apps in this course. We have a whole host of other courses on the site covering Flutter. They range from diving deeper into the widget catalog to learning more about the list view to courses on debugging and VS code tips and tricks in general. We hope you'll check these courses out as you continue down your Flutter journey. We also have books on Flutter and Dart. These are Flutter Apprentice and the Dart Apprentice. You can read these books online with our Ultimate Beginner subscription. Thank you so much for watching your second Flutter app and I'll see you in the next course.