Programming in Swift: Fundamentals

Oct 19 2021 · Swift 5.5, iOS 15, Xcode 13

Part 1: Core Concepts

01. Introduction

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Notes: 01. Introduction

Prerequisite: Your First iOS and SwiftUI App This course was originally recorded in 2019. It has been reviewed and all content and materials updated as of October 2021.

Transcript: 01. Introduction

Hey everybody! I’m Chris. Welcome to Programming in Swift!

In this course, you’ll gain a really solid understanding of how to program in the Swift language.

Specifically, you’ll learn all of the fundamental concepts you need to know to program in Swift, such as operators, types, structures, classes, collections, optionals, functions, and more.

That course is included with your subscription, and it gets you started with Swift and iOS development by making a simple but fun app, and learning some basic Swift concepts along the way.

This course picks up where that course leaves off.

Specifically, you’ve learned about five of the major core concepts in Swift:

Note that these are written in the long form here, for clarity, but you could use Swift’s type inference to write these without the types if you wanted.

In this first part of Programming in Swift, I’m going to double your library of Swift core concepts, by covering four new core concepts in Swift.

By the time you’re done with this part of the course, you’ll have built up a library of nine core concepts in Swift development, and you’ll be ready to dive even deeper into Swift. Let’s get started!