Beginning Flutter Debugging

Jan 18 2022 · Dart 2.14, Flutter 2.5, VS Code 1.62 OR Android Studio

Part 1: Beginning Flutter Debugging

09. Solve Layout Errors in ListViews

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Notes: 09. Solve Layout Errors in ListViews

Prerequesites: Basic knowledge of how ListViews work is needed. Please see our Flutter ListView Course.

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ListViews can also scroll horizontally. For this, we set the scrollDirection to horizontal like so:

scrollDirection: Axis.horizontal,
itemExtent: 200
body: ListView(
  children: List.generate(20, (index) {
    return const CardItem();
body: ListView(
  children: List.generate(10, (index) {
    // New Code
    if (index == 2) {
      return ListView(
          scrollDirection: Axis.horizontal,
          children: List.generate(10, (index) => const AdvertBox()),
    // End New Code
    return const CardItem();
return SizedBox(
  height: 100,
  child: ListView(