Programming in Dart: Fundamentals

Apr 26 2022 · Dart 2.15, DartPad, DartPad

Part 1: Fundamentals

07. Challenge: Play with Logical Operators

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Okay, we’ve done a lot work covering logical operators. It’s time to put your knowledge to the test. In this episode, we have two challenges. We’ll start with the first one. First, I want you to define two variables. One should be called a constant myAge and set it to you age. The other should be a final called message that you’ll print out to the console.

const myAge = 47;
String message;
if (myAge >= 13 && myAge <= 18) {
    message = 'You are a teenager';
} else {
    message = 'You are not a teenager';
const anotherMessage =
const anotherMessage = (myAge >= 13 && myAge <= 18)
const anotherMessage = (myAge >= 13 && myAge <= 18) ? 'You are a teenager'
const anotherMessage = (myAge >= 13 && myAge <= 18) ? 'You are a teenager' : 'You are not a teenager';