Server-Side Sign in with Apple

Nov 15 2022 Swift 5.6, macOS 12, iOS 15, Xcode 13.3

Part 2: Add Sign in with Apple to a Website

9. Authenticate Sign in with Apple Users on the Web

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This video Authenticate Sign in with Apple Users on the Web was last updated on Nov 15 2022

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The last piece of the puzzle is implementing the logic for completing the Sign in with Apple flow.

func appleAuthRedirectHandler(_ req: Request) async throws -> Response {

let data = try req.content.decode(SIWARedirectData.self)
guard let appIdentifier = Environment.get("WEBSITE_APPLICATION_IDENTIFIER") else {
    throw Abort(.internalServerError)
let siwaToken = try await, applicationIdentifier: appIdentifier)
let user: User
if let userFound = try await User.query(on: req.db).filter(\.$siwaIdentifier == siwaToken.subject.value).first() {
  user = userFound
} else {

guard let email =, let firstName = data.firstName, let lastName = data.lastName else {
  throw Abort(.badRequest)
if let existingUser = try await User.query(on: req.db).filter(\.$username == email).first() {

} else {

user = existingUser
user.siwaIdentifier = siwaToken.subject.value
try await req.db)
let newUser = User(name: "\(firstName) \(lastName)", username: email, password: UUID().uuidString, siwaIdentifier: siwaToken.subject.value)
try await req.db)
user = newUser
return req.redirect(to: "/")"login", "siwa", "handle", use: appleAuthRedirectHandler)