Jetpack Compose: Getting Started

Aug 1 2023 · Kotlin 1.8.10, Android 13, Android Studio Flamingo

Part 2: Layout Your App

09. Organize Your Code

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Thus far, we have been writing our code in different files contained within different packages.

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Bottom Navigation Bar

Let us create a new component that will be used to display the bottom navigation bar in our app.

fun BottomBarItem(
    modifier: Modifier = Modifier,
    title: String,
) {
      text = title,
      modifier = modifier,
      fontStyle = FontStyle.Italic,
      fontSize = 10.sp)
fun BottomNavBar() {
  Box(modifier = Modifier

    Row(modifier = Modifier
        horizontalArrangement = Arrangement.SpaceEvenly,
        verticalAlignment = Alignment.CenterVertically) {

      BottomBarItem(title = "Home")

      BottomBarItem(title = "Search")

      BottomBarItem(title = "Profile")



Food Detail Screen

Let us create a new file inside the screens package called FoodDetailScreen.kt. This file will contain the FoodDetailScreen Composable.

fun FoodDetails(
    foodId: Int? = 0
) {
    val food = getFood()[ foodId ?: 0]

        modifier = Modifier
            .background(color = Color.White)

            modifier = Modifier
                    painter = painterResource(id = food.banner),
                    contentScale = ContentScale.FillBounds




The theme package, found within ui, contains files that will be used to store the theme of our app.