iOS App Distribution

Sep 5 2023 · Swift 5.9, macOS Ventura 13.4, Xcode 15 Beta

Part 1: Preparing for Distribution

01. Introduction

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Transcript: 01. Introduction

Hello everyone, it’s Josh, and welcome to the iOS App Distribution course.

So, you’re nearing the end of the development of your iOS app - or at least this version of it. You’ve passed all of your internal tests and things are looking ready to move to the next step.

You’re ready to get it in the hands of testers, and then eventually, the world.

So, what do you do next?

About the Course

In this course you’ll explore the essentials you’ll need to get your app on the App Store, including:

Signing up for a developer account. There are many options and you’ll learn what the best one is for you.

Signing your app in Xcode. From bundle IDs to provisioning profiles and certificates, you’ll learn about the trust chain the App Store uses to make sure you, the certified developer, are sending a legit app to the App Store.

Setting up your App Store Connect record. You need to fill in a set of metadata in the App Store so people can read all about your app when they find your app in the store.

Internal Distribution and Testing. Before releasing your app to the App Store, you’ll want to put it through some rigorous testing. You’ll learn how to use both internal distribution methods and TestFlight, Apple’s test platform, to make sure you’ve squashed as many bugs as possible.

Submitting and Publicizing your app. You’ll learn about the App Review process, how to submit your app, and how to deal with rejections. You’ll also learn how to generate promo codes so you can publicize

Special Thanks

If you’re thinking that is a lot of information, you’re right! So much in fact that we have an entire book on the matter. iOS App Distribution & Best Practices by Pietro Rea and Keegan Rush is a great resource if you’re looking for more information after finishing this course.

Speaking of this course, please join me in thanking Mina Gerges and Gina De La Rosa, who are members of the editing team for this course. Please check them out on their socials, and drop them a “thanks” if you found this course helpful.

Let’s go!

Ok, you have an idea about what this course is all about, so let’s get started with a discussion about joining the Apple Developer Program, which will happen in the next episode.