Two-Year Kodeco Plans for Just $599 – Limited Time!

Get complete and immediate access to a Two-Year Kodeco Personal Plan for just $599 — that’s half of what you’d pay with the usual per-month price! Limited time only. By Chris Belanger.

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Happy Monday!

I’ve been a developer for a long time. Heck, some might even say “too long”. And even though I’m sitting behind a marketing desk these days, I still haven’t stopped coding; I’m exploring some of the great AI models over at HuggingFace, I’ve scripted out automations for the weekly newsletters you receive every week, and my latest geek-out is playing with the neural TTS API in Google Cloud. (Some of the neural voices are amazeballs.)

I never stop dreaming about that next great app — and you shouldn’t either. And to help you out, I wanted this year’s Spring Sale to not only be the biggest ever, but also the biggest and best celebration of you, the developer, who is building out the apps and frameworks to power the mobile universe for years to come.

With the launch of our new Kodeco subscription plans this week, you can get complete and immediate access to a Two-Year Kodeco Personal Plan for just $599 — that’s half of what you’d pay with the usual per-month price!

Imagine what you could accomplish with access to the latest releases of over 3,000+ of the world’s best mobile development videos, 50+ of our professional, in-depth mobile development books, and, as always, our entire collection of articles along with brand-new professional development resources, from advanced language strategies, skilling up in the workforce, to leading dev teams like the expert you are.

And because you’re clearly a dev who is serious about your career, I’m adding in a free skills assessment* to everyone who accepts my offer for the Two-Year Kodeco Plan. You’ll discover what your key strengths are as a dev, where you need some extra support — and most importantly, what new and future skills you *must* have to feel secure in your career.

What’s Included in the Two-Year Plan?

Still not sure if this is a good deal? I’m going to break down the math for you:

  • Unlimited access to the latest releases of 3,000+ of our famous development videos and 50+ books, with more added all the time (regularly $49.99/month = $1,199 for two years)
  • Unlimited access to future releases of Personal Plan courses and books (Just our existing catalog alone would cost you over $2,500 to buy separately)
  • Unlimited, exclusive access to our brand-new professional development resources (up to $250/year on other sites)
  • Exclusive individual, confidential skills assessment ($399 value, but free for Two-Year plan members)

And that doesn’t even take into account our gold-standard onboarding for members, our community events and resources, and access to our official Kodeco Android and iOS app so you can take your courses on the road.

And from now until May 5, you can grab that deal – worth well over $1,848 — for just $599 for a full two years of access. That’s a stunning more than 50% discount on annual plans — which is unheard of around here!

It’s an entire two years’ worth of video courses, professional-level books, career-building resources, a confidential skills assessment, members-only events, full access to our official app, and more, all designed with you in mind… to help you become the best developer you can be.

What about Professional Devs and Teams?

If you or your team “wants it all”, then the Team & Enterprise Plan is designed specifically for you and your needs!

Team & Enterprise plans are designed for professional developers who need to be on the cutting edge at all times. Whether you’re a one-person mobile dev shop, or a globally distributed team, or somewhere in between, Kodeco Team & Enterprise plans will help you stay relevant in an ever-changing industry.

Team & Enterprise Plans bring you content and benefits far above and beyond what you get in the Personal Plan:

  • Access to all current and future releases of 3,000+ of our famous development videos and 50+ books
  • Plus! Access to the entire back catalog of over 2,500+ videos and books
  • Plus! Dedicated, white-glove billing and onboarding experiences
  • Plus! Real-time team analytics dashboard
  • Plus! Single sign-on & simplified license management
  • (Coming soon!) Professional team assessments
  • (Coming soon!) Fully customizable learning paths

And the best part? Team & Enterprise plans are also on sale right now for 50% off! It’s easy to get started with a Team & Enterprise plan — check out our Team & Enterprise page for more details.

Whatever your goals are, you know you can depend on the largest and most-up-to-date collection of mobile development books and video courses anywhere to help make your dreams a reality — at the best prices we’ve offered all year.

All Books on Sale for 40% off

iOS? Android? Flutter? Concurrency? Jetpack Compose? SwiftUI? TDD?

Whatever you need to learn, we’ve got it here for you. And yes, of course, it wouldn’t be a Spring Sale if I didn’t put books on sale as well!

For a limited time, you can get any individual book in our Kodeco catalog for a full 40% off. Build your 2023 bookshelf for less:

Where to Go From Here?

Here’s the TL;DR on this year’s Spring Sale:

See you on the inside!

* Personalized assessments for Two-Year Personal Plan customers will be emailed to the address on your account on May 8, 2023!