WWDC 2023 First Impressions Livecast

If you missed our WWDC First Impressions livecast last night, featuring our most opinionated iOS team members, you can catch the replay here! By Katie Collins.

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WWDC 2023 First Impressions Livecast

1 min

Hopefully you enjoyed the WWDC Keynote presentations yesterday — we certainly did! Exciting times ahead!

To discuss the day’s events, we assembled a top-notch group of experienced Kodeco iOS team members along with our podcast team to share their thoughts about what came out of WWDC in 2023:

  • Susannah Skyer Gupta, podcast season host
  • Tim Mitra, iOS team member
  • Ray Fix, iOS team member
  • Josh Steele, iOS team member
  • Mark Powell, iOS team member
  • Jeff Rames, iOS team member
  • Gina De La Rosa, iOS Technical Content Manager, Kodeco

We sat down last night and discussed initial thoughts on all the latest news and outcomes from WWDC 2023. Spoiler: Ski Goggles can be quite expensive actually!

Apple (2023) Apple Vision Pro

Apple (2023) Apple Vision Pro

WWDC 2023 Livecast Replay

In case you missed it, you can catch the replay of the livecast from last night right here:

Where to Go From Here?

Check in with Kodeco over the next week or so, as we’ll have some more updates & exciting fresh content for you about the content of WWDC and how it affects you as a developer.

We’d love you to share with us what you are most excited about — or most skeptical about — of what Apple announced this year at WWDC? Leave your comments below!