Lance Gleason

Lance has been a computer nut ever since his dad bought him a computer when he was a kid. After doing Java development for a diverse range of companies he decided to end his addiction to heavy inheritance, static typing, and coding without tests. After a few years of programming Ruby he eventually fell in love with native Android development (along with a smattering of native IOS). These days, he practices clean living with lots of well-tested code, class composition, and fun languages as the founder and lead software engineer of Polyglot Programming. He has extensive experience in native Android and IOT and is a committer on several open source projects. In addition, he is a regular speaker at conferences around the world, is a co-organizer of the Atlanta Sensors and Startups and post organizer of Rubyfuza and Ruby D-Camp ZA. He is also known to practice interspecies pair (“purr”) programming with his orange tabby, Allie.