Beginning Flutter Debugging

Aug 4 2020 · Video Course (1 hr, 18 mins) · Beginner

Learn the basics of debugging and explore how to resolve common errors that Flutter developers face during app development.


  • Dart 2.8, Flutter 1.17, VS Code 1.43

A brief overview of the concept of debugging, how a debugger works and Flutter's approach to debugging apps.


Get to know how to use the breakpoint feature in VSCode and learn about its controls and how they affect code navigation.


Learn how to monitor and watch the value of variables as you progress through your code when it hits a breakpoint.


Learn about the call stack during a debug session and see how the app responds at different levels in the stack.


Use the knowledge you've gotten so far to find and fix a bug.


Learn to use the debugger integrated with Android Studio and explore other debugging features it provides.


Get introduced to this awesome tool which integrates all debugging and profiling features for Dart development in a browser based app.


Learn how to debug common layout related errors like overflow errors and widgets that don't display properly.


ScrollViews come with their own set of errors and not understanding how they work could make it harder to debug so we'll tackle common problems that could arise.


Learn how to read through and understand errors provided in the red screen of death and build the confidence to solve these types of errors.


Learn about common best practices while coding Flutter apps and optimize the linting tool to make sure you're writing code that is less prone to common errors.


Version history

Flutter 2.5, Dart 2.14, VS Code 1.62 OR Android Studio

Jan 18 2022

Flutter 1.17, Dart 2.8, VS Code 1.43 (Selected)

Aug 4 2020

Who is this for?

Beginner developers who are interested in learning efficient and effective ways to resolve coding errors. It is expected that you have a decent understanding of Flutter and Dart as well as being familiar with Visual Studio Code and/or Android Studio.

Covered concepts

  • Debugging Errors
  • Solve Layout Errors
  • Code Linting
  • Dart Devtools