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Applications of Custom Property Wrappers

May 18 2021 · Video Course (25 mins) · Intermediate

Property Wrappers are a new Swift version introduced in Swift 5.1. Property Wrappers allow supercharging of properties with extra functionality. Learn how to create your own Property Wrappers to create some cool and awesome functionality.


  • Swift 5.3, iOS 14, Xcode 12

Applications of Custom Property Wrappers

Learn about Property Wrappers, what they are for and how they work. Explore some examples with common dos and don’ts.


User Defaults allow you to store key-value paired data that is persisted on device. Learn how to create a Property Wrapper to make User Defaults easier and faster to use.


Learn how to create a Property Wrapper to sanitize and validate data before sending it to a backend service or saving it on device.


Learn how to create a Property Wrapper that keeps track of when a value is accessed and updated.


Up until now Property Wrappers have been standalone types, unable to access the type they’re contained in. Learn how to access the enclosing type from within a property wrapper.


Along with a wrapped value, a Property Wrapper can have a projected value. Learn what they are and how you can use them.


Who is this for?

Intermediate iOS developers who are comfortable with the Swift language, SwiftUI and know their way around Xcode.

Covered concepts

  • What are property wrappers
  • Projected vs wrapped value
  • Creating custom property wrappers