Flutter Navigator 2.0

Nov 8 2022 Dart 2.17.3, Flutter 3.0.2, Android Studio 2020.3

Part 3: Use the Navigation

13. Navigate to the Home Page

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This video Navigate to the Home Page was last updated on Nov 8 2022

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Episode 13 - Navigate to Home Page

We have to show the HomeScreens from two routes 1st when users SignUps for the first time we take the user to the HomeScreen and 2nd route when the user Logins that time we show the homeScreen. So First let us create these two function in the LoginIn Screen and SignUp Screen.

Provider.of<AppStateManager>(context, listen: false).login('Anyusername', 'anypassword'); 
if(appStateManager.isLoggedIn) HomeScreen.page(),
Provider.of<AppStateManager>(context, listen: false).onSignUpCompleted();
if (appStateManager.isLoggedIn || !appStateManager.isSignUp && appStateManager.onSignUpComplete) HomeScreen.page(),