Flutter Navigator 2.0

Nov 8 2022 · Dart 2.17.3, Flutter 3.0.2, Android Studio 2020.3

Part 1: Introduction to Navigator 1.0 & 2.0

02. Learn Navigator 2.0

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Episode 2 - Learn Navigator 2.0

Learn Navigator 2.0

Flutter introduced Navigaor 2.0, as a new Declarative API which allows us to take full control of the Navigation Stack. Expose the Navigators Page Stack So that we have more control over pages. Nav 2.0 Is backword compatible meaning you can use with Nav 1. We can Use Imperative and declarative in the same app. Back Button Dispatcher triggers the system(browser and app back button) back button pressed. Can be used with Nested Routes and give prioority to navigator. Deeplinks are possible in Nav 2.0 which helps to navigate directly to the specific screen. Parse routes and handles web UR’s and deep links.