Jetpack Navigation: Getting Started

Aug 10 2021 · Kotlin 1.4, Android 11, Android Studio 4.2.1

Part 1: Set Up Navigation

02. Understand the Project Structure

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Transcript: 02. Understand the Project Structure

Sample App for this course is an app named Authorize Me. It consists of four screens - Main, Login, Sign up and Welcome, all of which are Fragments.

UI and basic validation is implemented in the starter project. During the course, you’ll learn to connect these fragments using the Navigation architecture component.

Open the starter project for this episode. You should see the following strucutre.

You are going to add Navigation to Single Activity Multiple fragment App.

MainActivity is your Single Activity.

You also have MainFragment at the same root location.

AuthorizeMeWidgetProvider will be used to create a Widget for this App.

login package contains files related to Login feature in the App.

Similiary signup and welcome package contains files related to Sign up and Welcome features respectively.

Expand the common package.

It has data and ui package.

common package contains the files related to Authentication when user Logs in OR Signs up into the App. Build and run the ap.

You see a blank screen. Well done! You are ready to add Magic of Navigation component into the App.