Jetpack Navigation: Getting Started

Aug 10 2021 · Kotlin 1.4, Android 11, Android Studio 4.2.1

Part 2: Create Destinations & Navigate via Actions

07. Pass Data Between Destinations

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In Add Dependecies Episode, you added Safe Args Gradle Plugin. Safe Args is strongly recommended for navigating and passing data, because it ensures type-safety.

 v ->
  val action = LoginFragmentDirections.actionWelcomeFromLogin(user, getString(R.string
v ->
  val action = SignUpFragmentDirections.actionWelcomeFromSignUp(user, getString(R.string
arguments?.let {
  val safeArgs = WelcomeFragmentArgs.fromBundle(it)
  param1 = safeArgs.param1
  param2 = safeArgs.param2