Programming in Swift: Functions & Types

Jan 4 2022 · Swift 5.5, iOS 15, Xcode 13

Part 4: Properties & Methods

29. Stored Properties

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Notes: 29. Stored Properties

Update Notes: This course was originally recorded in 2019. It has been reviewed and all content and materials updated as of October 2021.

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In the Swift Fundamentals course, you created a Student struct that had several properties. The name, grade, and pet were all “stored properties”. They were also instance properties. Which means their values would be stored with the Student instance they belong to.

32 struct Wizard {

33 var firstName: String
   var lastName: String
let wizard = Wizard(firstName: "Gandalf", lastName: "Greyjoy")
😺var 🛑wizard = 
wizard.firstName = "Hermione"
wizard.lastName = "Kenobi"
var firstName: String 😺{

34  willSet {
    didSet {
print(firstName + " will be set to " + newValue)
if firstName.contains(" ") {

print("No spaces allowed! \(firstName) is not a first name. Reverting name to \(oldValue).")
firstName = oldValue
wizard.firstName = "Merlin Rincewind"
let commonMagicalIngredients = [
  "Polyjuice Potion",
  "Eye of Haystack Needle",
  "The Force"
😺static 🛑let commonMagicalIngredients = [
static var commonMagicalIngredients = [
Wizard.commonMagicalIngredients😺.append("Wow-Wow Sauce")
    "The Force"
]😺 {
  didSet {
    print("Magical Ingredients updated! Common stock now contains \(commonMagicalIngredients)")