Wrangling Dates & Time in Android

In this course, gain a deep understanding of how the Data-Time Library works & learn to manage the essential classes from the API. Upon completing this course, you will be able to handle, parse, and format dates. By Mattia Ferigutti.

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Who is this for?

Android developers who want to uderstand how to handle dates and time inside their apps. It expects you to be familiar with Kotlin and Android Studio.

Covered concepts

  • Data-Time API
  • Kotlinx-Datetime API
  • Core Library Desugaring

Part 1: Wrangling Dates & Time in Android

Substitute your old legacy libraries with the new Data-Time API based on ISO-8601.

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The Instant class represents a specific moment on the timeline and is one of the most important classes of the Date-Time API. Learn the importance and usage of this class.

Learn how to calculate differences in time using the utility classes provided by the Duration, Period & ChronoUnit classes.

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In this video you’ll meet LocalDate, LocalTime, LocalDateTime, MonthDay, YearMonth and Year. Learn to use these classes to make calculations and handle a specific date and/or time.

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Localize your app with the right time and date and learn how to handle a specific event like the DST (Daylight Saving Time) using the ZonedDateTime class.

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Use ZonedDateTime and Instant on the right occasion to avoid bugs.

Format and parse any date and time to localize your app with the correct patterns and standards.

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Implement the Kotlinx-Datetime API to support multiplatform projects and to be more compatible with your Kotlin code. Learn all the benefits of this library and the differences with the Data-Time API.

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Implement The Core Library Desugaring library to extend the support for the Date-Time API to Android apps that have a min SDK equal to 25 or lower.