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Professional Development Seminars 2023

You’ve built your development skills through our high-quality, up-to-date books and videos, and now it’s time to take things to the next level! Our Professional Development Seminars are live, bi-monthly events designed to connect you with top-tier developers and other professionals from our community, who are ready to share their hard-won and battle-tested advice with you, available exclusively to Annual Ultimate Pro Subscribers. By .

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Who is this for?

Exclusive for Pro Annual Subscribers, being a top developer in this industry takes more than just straight coding skills. You need to connect with the best minds in the business — and bring their best practices back into your own career. Go deep with senior developers and other professionals from our network, who have founded companies, managed dev teams large and small, designed killer apps, and more — to help you be the best developer possible!

Covered concepts

  • Building startups
  • Leading teams
  • Upskilling
  • Advanced coding
  • Async programming
  • Building careers
  • And much more!

Part 1: Professional Development Seminars 2023

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Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile (KMM) allows one codebase for both iOS and Android, saving time and resources. It’s a must-attend watch for developers looking to stay ahead of the curve.

During this webinar, we will go beyond the basics of this technology and showcase the power of Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile by sharing networking code between Android and iOS.

Folks with a background in native app development and with a very basic knowledge of Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile will benefit most from this webinar, but even those with no experience with this technology will be able to appreciate the value that it brings.