Beginning Android Debugging

Find out how to debug your Android apps using the many tools available on Android Studio. Learn how to create log statements, add breakpoints to your code, use the Android Studio profiling tools and much more. By Aldo Olivares.

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Learning path

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Who is this for?

Beginner Android developers who are interested in learning the basics behind debugging with Android Studio. This course expects you to be familiar with Android Studio and Kotlin programming.

Covered concepts

  • Android profiling tools
  • Layout inspector
  • Debugging using Android Studio
  • Breakpoint creation
  • Log statements

Part 1: Beginning Android Debugging

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Learn about all the tools that will help you debug your app such as log statements, the emulator and the layout inspector.

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The Android Profiler provides you with real time data that helps you measure how your app uses important resources such as the memory, cpu, network and battery.

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In this episode, learn how to use the stack trace to inspect your code and figure out which line of code is causing the app to crash.

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Learn how to create log statements using the Log class. Create logs with different levels of importance, such as warnings or errors.

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Sometimes bad things will happen and your app will crash. Learn how stack trace helps you navigate to the exact line of code that caused a crash, and how to create different breakpoints to help you inspect your code step by step at runtime.

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The layout inspector allows you to display a magnified view of your app and to examine details of your layouts at runtime.

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In this episode, learn how to read and create bug reports using the Android emulator.

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Debugging an app by yourself is useful, but it is even more useful to get feedback from real-world users. Learn how to get crash reports from your users using reporting features of the Google Play Console.

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In this episode, create a new Firebase project and add the appropiate dependencies to your app.

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Firebase crashlytics is a lightweight library that gives comprenhensive realtime crash reports in the firebase console. Learn how to add crashlytics to your app and to analyze the information retrieved.

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