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Advanced Apple Debugging & Reverse Engineering

Third Edition · iOS 12 · Swift 4.2 · Xcode 10

Before You Begin

Section 0: 3 chapters
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Section III: Low Level

Section 3: 7 chapters
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Section IV: Custom LLDB Commands

Section 4: 8 chapters
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A. Appendix A: LLDB Cheatsheet
Written by Derek Selander

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A cheatsheet for commands and ideas on how to use LLDB.

Getting help

(lldb) help

List all commands and aliases.

(lldb) help po

Get help documentation for po (expression) command.

(lldb) help break set

Get help documentation for breakpoint set.

(lldb) apropos step-in

Search through help documentation containing step-in.

Finding code

(lldb) image lookup -rn UIAlertController

Look up all code containing UIAlertController that’s compiled or loaded into an executable.

(lldb) image lookup -rn (?i)hosturl
(lldb) image lookup -rn 'UIViewController\ set\w+:\]'
(lldb) image lookup -rn . Security
(lldb) image lookup -a 0x10518a720
(lldb) image lookup -s mmap


(lldb) b viewDidLoad

Creates a breakpoint on all methods named viewDidLoad for both Swift and Objective-C.

(lldb) b setAlpha:
(lldb) b -[CustomViewControllerSubclass viewDidLoad]
(lldb) rbreak CustomViewControllerSubclass.viewDidLoad
(lldb) breakpoint delete
(lldb) breakpoint delete 2
(lldb) breakpoint list
(lldb) rbreak viewDid
(lldb) rbreak viewDid -s SwiftRadio
(lldb) rbreak viewDid(Appear|Disappear) -s SwiftHN
(lldb) rb "\-\[UIViewController\ set" -s UIKit
(lldb) rb . -s SwiftHN -o 1
(lldb) rb . -f ViewController.m


(lldb) po "hello, debugger"

Prints "hello, debugger" regardless of the debugging context.

(lldb) expression -lobjc -O -- [UIApplication sharedApplication]
(lldb) expression -lswift -O -- UIApplication.shared
(lldb) b getenv
(lldb) expression -i0 -- getenv("HOME")
(lldb) expression -u0 -O -- [UIApplication test]
(lldb) expression -p -- NSString *globalString = [NSString stringWithUTF8String: "Hello, Debugger"]; 
(lldb) po globalString
Hello, Debugger
(lldb) expression -g -O -lobjc -- [NSObject new] 


(lldb) thread return false

Return early from code with false.

(lldb) thread step-in
(lldb) s
(lldb) thread step-over
(lldb) n
(lldb) thread step-out
(lldb) finish
(lldb) thread step-inst
(lldb) ni

GDB formatting

(lldb) p/x 128

Print value in hexadecimal.

(lldb) p/d 128
(lldb) p/t 128
(lldb) p/a 128
(lldb) x/gx 0x000000010fff6c40
(lldb) x/wx 0x000000010fff6c40


(lldb) memory read 0x000000010fff6c40

Read memory at address 0x000000010fff6c40.

(lldb) po id $d = [NSData dataWithContentsOfFile:@"..."]
(lldb) mem read `(uintptr_t)[$d bytes]` `(uintptr_t)[$d bytes] + (uintptr_t)[$d length]` -r -b -o /tmp/file

Registers & assembly

(lldb) register read -a

Display all registers on the system.

(lldb) register read rdi rsi
(lldb) register write rsi 0x0
(lldb) register write rflags `$rflags ^ 64`
(lldb) register write rflags `$rflags | 64`
(lldb) register write rflags `$rflags & ~64`
(lldb) register write pc `$pc+4`
(lldb) disassemble
(lldb) disassemble -p
(lldb) disassemble -b
(lldb) disassemble -n '-[UIViewController setTitle:]'
(lldb) disassemble -a 0x000000010b8d972d


(lldb) image list 

List all modules loaded into the executable’s process space.

(lldb) image list -b
(lldb) process load /Path/To/Module.framework/Module
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