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Android Apprentice

Fourth Edition · Android 11 · Kotlin 1.4 · Android Studio 4.1

Section II: Building a List App

Section 2: 7 chapters
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Section III: Creating Map-Based Apps

Section 3: 7 chapters
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This book is your introduction to building great apps for Android, using the Kotlin language. Whether you consider yourself a novice programmer, or have extensive experience programming for other platforms, this is the book for you!

It’s not our aim to teach you all the ins and outs of Android development or the Kotlin language. They are huge concepts on their own and there is no way we can cover everything. Fortunately, all you need is to master the essential building blocks of Kotlin and Android to start creating apps. As you work on more apps, you’ll find the foundations you learn in this book will give you the knowledge you need to easily figure out more complicated details on your own.

The most important thing you’ll learn is how to think like a programmer. This will help you approach any programming task, whether it’s a game, a utility, a mobile app that uses web services, or anything else you can imagine.

If you’re looking for more background on the Kotlin language, we recommend our book, the Kotlin Apprentice, which goes into depth on the Kotlin language itself:

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