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Auto Layout by Tutorials

First Edition · iOS 13 · Swift 5.1 · Xcode 11

Section II: Intermediate Auto Layout

Section 2: 10 chapters
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Section III: Advanced Auto Layout

Section 3: 6 chapters
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Auto Layout by Tutorials
Auto Layout by Tutorials

While the Marrus orthocanna looks as though it belongs to some other alien world, the jellyfish is found in the deep waters of the Arctic and other cold oceans. Though delicate, it is large — 1–2 meters — and translucent, blushing hints of color across the body.

Beyond its science-fiction appearance, the most amazing thing about this jellyfish is that it is many jellyfish. The Marrus orthocanna is a colonial animal. Like bees or some flocks of birds, it is comprised of multiple animals who live together for some evolutionary benefit. In the case of this jellyfish, the separate zooids are linked together by one long stem, working in unison to live.

Like this creature, Auto Layout boasts impressive interdependence and coordination, while the separate components are related by constraints and attached to a parent view. Both Auto Layout and the Marrus orthocanna show us the elegance and efficiency that can be achieved when independent pieces work together to thrive.

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