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Catalyst by Tutorials

Third Edition · iOS 15 · Swift 5.6 · Xcode 13.3

Section I: Making a Great iPad App

Section 1: 7 chapters
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About the Authors

Marin Benčević is an author of this book. He is an image processing researcher as well as an iOS developer who likes to work on cool iOS apps and games, nerd out about programming, and he can talk for far too long with you about coffee. He also has a chubby cat.

Andy Pereira is an author of this book. He is an iOS developer in Atlanta, GA. He enjoys traveling the world with his wife, learning new cultures, and playing guitar.

About the Editors

Ehab Amer is a tech editor for this book. He is a very enthusiastic Lead iOS developer with a very diverse experience. From building games to enterprise applications and POCs, especially when exploring new technologies. In his spare time, TV shows take the majority, followed by video games. When away from the screen, he goes with his friends for escape room experiences or to explore the underwater world through diving.

Pinal Naik is the final pass editor of this book. She lives in Bangalore, India. After more than a decade in regular corporate life, she chose to start working on her own to pursue her passions. She loves to create iOS apps from scratch to finish, using advanced technologies like Machine Learning and is the owner of the apps Xplooor and Alt-Selfie. Here is her latest creation. When not coding, you’ll find her immersed in a book, traveling or spending time with her husband and her two super-energetic boys. She appreciates the support of her husband, kids, mom-in-law, mom, her late father and her amazing team here, in making this book a reality. She hopes to inspire a lot more women to become developers and app creators.

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