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Dart Apprentice: Beyond the Basics

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Dart Apprentice: Beyond the Basics

Section 1: 15 chapters
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Congratulations! You’ve reached the end of Dart Apprentice: Beyond the Basics. We hope you’ve enjoyed reading this book and that the skills you’ve acquired will help you in all your future Dart projects.

At this point, you can consider yourself a solid intermediate-level developer in the Dart programming language. You understand the principles of object-oriented programming, string manipulation, generics, error handling and asynchronous programming. If you go on to develop Flutter apps or build backend servers in Dart, you shouldn’t have any trouble with the language-related aspects of app development.

On your path to becoming an expert Dart developer, here are some topics you might explore next:

  • Flutter: Read Flutter Apprentice from Kodeco.

  • Servers: Check out shelf and other server packages on Pub.

  • Unit testing: Write tests to ensure your code works as expected.

  • Algorithms: Read Data Structures & Algorithms in Dart from Kodeco.

  • Web sockets: Learn how real-time communication works.

  • FFI: Communicate with native C APIs.

  • Bit manipulation: Work directly with raw byte data.

  • Packages: Share your code with other developers.

  • Command-line apps: Build tools you can run in the terminal.

  • Devtools: Profile your apps to measure their performance and find errors.

  • Databases: Connect to a database server to save and retrieve data.

Don’t know where to start? The best way to learn is by making something useful, so choose frontend development with Flutter or backend development with server-side Dart. After that, learn unit testing. Unit testing is so important that we should probably add a chapter on it in the next edition of this book. After unit testing, let the needs of your Flutter or server app guide you in the next topic of study. Little by little, you’ll become proficient in a wide variety of skills.

If you had any questions or comments as you worked through this book, please stop by our forums at and look for the particular forum category for this book.

Thank you again for purchasing this book. Your continued support is what makes the books, tutorials, videos and other things we do at Kodeco possible. We truly appreciate it!

– The Dart Apprentice: Beyond the Basics team

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