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Expert Swift

First Edition · iOS 14 · Swift 5.4 · Xcode 12.5

iv. About the Team

About the Authors

Ehab Amer is an author of this book. He is a very enthusiastic Lead iOS developer with a very diverse experience from building games to enterprise applications and POCs with new technologies. In his spare time, TV shows take the majority of his time, followed by video games. When away from the screen, he goes with his wife and friends to explore the underwater world through diving.

Marin Bencevic is a computer vision researcher working on medical images. He is also an iOS developer who likes to work on cool iOS apps and games, nerd out about programming, learn new things and then blog about it. He also has a chubby cat.

Ray Fix works on next-generation microscopes made for iPad at Discover Echo Inc. in San Diego, California. Ray enjoys learning new things and is excited about math, data, visualization, machine learning and computer vision. Swift is his problem-solving language of choice and he has been using it and teaching others about it since its 2014 public release.

Shai Mishali is an author on this book. He’s an experienced, award-winning iOS specialist; as well as an international speaker, and a highly active open-source contributor and maintainer on several high-profile projects - namely, the RxSwift Community and RxSwift projects, but also releases many open-source endeavors around Combine such as CombineCocoa, RxCombine and more. As an avid enthusiast of hackathons, Shai took 1st place at BattleHack Tel-Aviv 2014, BattleHack World Finals San Jose 2014, and Ford’s Developer Challenge Tel-Aviv 2015. You can find him on GitHub and Twitter as @freak4pc.

About the Editors

Morten Faarkrog is the technical editor of this book. He is a Technical Director & Solution Architect at a consultancy in Denmark, where he works with architecting larger software solutions across a range of companies. Morten has a background as an iOS developer and still loves tinkering with the Swift language in his spare time.

Daniel Souza comes from Cascavel-Ceara - a small city in Brazil. He started his career as a generalist and worked as a Backend, Frontend, and Android. But then he decided to focus on iOS Development and he couldn’t be happier. He loves the iOS Dev Community and how much you can learn from it.

John Hagemann is the English language editor of this book. He is a communications specialist and analyst who enjoys putting technical subject matter into plain talk. He lives in Washington state with his son.

Eli Ganim is the final pass editor for this book. He is an iOS engineer from Israel, who’s passionate about teaching, writing and sharing knowledge with others.

About the Artist

Vicki Wenderlich is the designer and artist of the cover of this book. She is Ray’s wife and business partner. She is a digital artist who creates illustrations, game art and a lot of other art or design work for the tutorials and books on When she’s not making art, she loves hiking, a good glass of wine and attempting to create the perfect cheese plate.

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