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Flutter Apprentice

First Edition · Flutter 2.2.0 · Dart 2.13.0 · Android Studio 4.2.1

Section IV: Networking, Persistence and State

Section 4: 7 chapters
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Section 6: 2 chapters
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vi. Acknowledgements

Content Development

We would like to thank Tim Sneath and Chris Sells from Google. Both provided key insights and constant encouragement during the gestation and development of this book.

We would also like to thank Joe Howard for his work as an FPE for the book in its early stages. Joe’s path to software development began in the fields of computational physics and systems engineering. He started as a web developer and also has been a native mobile developer on iOS and Android since 2009. Joe has a passion for system and enterprise architecture including building robust, testable, maintainable, and scalable systems. He currently focuses on the full stack using web frameworks like React and Angular, Node.js microservices, GraphQL, and devops tools like Docker, Kubernetes, and Terraform. He lives in Boston and is a Senior Architect at CVS Health.

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