“I would like to thank all the people who were with me while writing this book. To my family which encouraged me and was a shoulder to lean on during the long working hours. To my friends who kept shifting schedules in order to match with mine and were emotional support. To Marko and Ivana, who threw me a surprise party when the book was finished. Lastly, to my raywenderlich.com team. You were always positive, helped me grow and become a better author. All of you are the reason I was able to write my first book and become a book author.”

Tino Balint

“To my family and friends. Thank you for supporting me and being patient as I worked on this book. I’ve told you “no” so many times when you called me to hang out, but you never made me feel guilty about it. Many thanks to the team at raywenderlich.com, my co-author, the editors and everyone involved in this book. You’ve been a great support and I’ve enjoyed working with you.”

Denis Buketa

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