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Kotlin Apprentice

Third Edition · Android 11 · Kotlin 1.4 · IntelliJ IDEA 2020.3

Before You Begin

Section 0: 4 chapters
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Section III: Building Your Own Types

Section 3: 8 chapters
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Section IV: Intermediate Topics

Section 4: 9 chapters
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iii. About the Cover

Kotlin Apprentice Cover
Kotlin Apprentice Cover

The parrot has long captured the eye and imagination of humans; from Aesop to Monty Python, from ancient Peruvians to swashbuckling pirates, the beautiful plumage of parrots have made them a recurring theme throughout history.

The expressiveness and mimicry of parrots is very much akin to Kotlin; Kotlin takes the best of many languages and “mimics” those languages in a modern and expressive way. Although Kotlin won’t whistle a tune or ride on your shoulder when you cosplay Long John Silver, Kotlin will still be a great companion to you as you sail the seven seas of programming!

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