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macOS Apprentice

First Edition · macOS 13 · Swift 5.7 · Xcode 14.2

Section II: Building With SwiftUI

Section 2: 6 chapters
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Section III: Building With AppKit

Section 3: 6 chapters
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iv. About the Team

About the Authors

Sarah Reichelt is the author of this book. She got hooked onto trying to make computers do what she told them a very long time ago, and has never stopped loving it. She is a keen evangelist for developing native Mac apps. When not at her computer, Sarah loves coffee, puzzles, reading and cooking - the day hasn’t started until the first cup of coffee is drunk and the crossword is done!

About the Editors

Audrey Tam is a tech editor of this book. As a retired computer science academic, she’s a technology generalist with expertise in translating new knowledge into learning materials. Audrey attends many concerts at Tempo Rubato and does most of her writing and zooming at Rubato Upstairs. She also enjoys long train journeys, knitting, and trekking in the Aussie wilderness.

Ehab Amer is a tech editor of this book. He is a very enthusiastic Principal iOS engineer with a very diverse experience, from building games to enterprise applications and POCs, specially when exploring new technologies. In the spare time (or time that can be spared) Ehab enjoys watching a few (more like a lot of) TV series if nothing to watch, video games are just as awesome to say the least :] When trying to move away from a screen Ehab enjoys going through challenging escape-room experience with his amazing wife and awesome friends, & attempt to break the escape records.

Richard Critz did double duty as editor and final pass editor for this book. He has been doing software professionally for over 40 years, working on products as diverse as CNC machinery, network infrastructure, and operating systems. He discovered the joys of working with iOS beginning with iOS 6. Yes, he dates back to punch cards and paper tape. He’s a dinosaur; just ask his kids.

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