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Metal by Tutorials

Fourth Edition · macOS 14, iOS 17 · Swift 5.9 · Xcode 15

Section I: Beginning Metal

Section 1: 10 chapters
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Section II: Intermediate Metal

Section 2: 8 chapters
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Section III: Advanced Metal

Section 3: 8 chapters
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i. What You Need
Written by Marius Horga & Caroline Begbie

To follow along with the tutorials in this book, you need the following:

  • A Metal-capable Mac running macOS Sonoma 14.0 or later. All Macs built since 2012 should run Metal, although not all of them will be able to run the most recent features in Metal 2. Nvidia GPUs will have issues, in some cases serious, as drivers have not been updated since macOS High Sierra. One chapter includes Apple GPU-specific code, for which you’ll need either an M1 GPU or a recent iPhone or iPad.
  • Xcode 15.0 or later.
  • [optional] A Metal-capable iPhone or iPad running iOS 17 or later. Any iOS device running the A7 chip or later will run Metal. The latest features, such as tile shading and imageblocks, will only run on the A11 (or later) chipset. The projects will build and run on macOS, and most of them will run on the iOS Simulator, so using an iOS device is optional. If you wish to make an iOS game, the game engine you build while reading this book will have an iOS target as well.
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