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Real-World Android by Tutorials

Second Edition · Android 12 · Kotlin 1.6+ · Android Studio Chipmunk

Section I: Developing Real World Apps

Section 1: 7 chapters
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To my parents, Céu and Manuel, and sister, Joana, who always gave everything they could and more to ensure my education, happiness and well-being. To my partner, Joana, for all the love, support and unbelievable patience while I was writing the book. To my friend, Carlos, for all the support and understanding every time I told him I didn’t have the time to help him with GDG and Kotlin Knights events. And finally, to the amazing Android devs from my team at Mindera - Maja, Rita, Garcês, Belchi and Gui - for all the incredible discussions, for teaching me so much and for making me love what I do even more.

Ricardo Costeira

I’d like to thank my parents, @StephanieBraganza, Pom-Pom the Pomeranian (IG @PomThePomeranian) and 0xAKBArt, as well as The Wildlife Trade Monitoring Network and The Save Movement for inspiration of the app concepts.

Kolin Stürt

I’d like to thank my parents, friends, and colleagues, who have always been very supportive and pushed me to achieve more. This book would not have been possible without them.

Subhrajyoti Sen

To Elisabeth, for your patience and support while the laptop stole part of our time.

Antonio Roa-Valverde

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