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SwiftUI Apprentice

Second Edition · iOS 16 · Swift 5.7 · Xcode 14.2

Section I: Your First App: HIITFit

Section 1: 12 chapters
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Section II: Your Second App: Cards

Section 2: 9 chapters
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v. How to Read This Book

This book is designed to take you from zero to hero! Each chapter builds on the code and concepts from its predecessors, so you’ll want to work your way through them in order. To help you navigate on your journey, here are some conventions we use:

  • Filenames, text you enter into dialog boxes, items you look for on screen all appear in bold.
  • Names of things you find in your code — such as variables, properties, types, protocols and method names — appear in a monospaced typeface.
  • The ➤ icon indicates an instruction step for you to follow.
  • Quick tips about Xcode are marked with Xcode Tip.
  • Quick tips about Swift are marked with Swift Tip.
  • Deeper explanations of Swift language topics are marked with Swift Dive.
  • Watch for Skills you’ll learn in this section to get a quick overview of specific new things you’ll learn.
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