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SwiftUI by Tutorials

Second Edition · iOS 13 · Swift 5.2 · Xcode 11

Before You Begin

Section 0: 3 chapters
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Section II: Building Blocks of SwiftUI

Section 2: 6 chapters
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ii. Book Source Code & Forums

If you’re reading the online version

The materials for this book are all available in the GitHub repository here:

You can download the entire set of materials for the book from that page.

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If you bought the print version

You can get the source code for the print edition of the book here:


We’ve also set up an official forum for the book at This is a great place to ask questions about the book or to submit any errors you may find.

Digital book editions

We have a digital edition of this book available in both ePUB and PDF, which can be handy if you want a soft copy to take with you, or you want to quickly search for a specific term within the book.

Buying the digital edition version of the book also has a few extra benefits: free updates each time we update the book, access to older versions of the book, and you can download the digital editions from anywhere, at anytime.

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