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SwiftUI by Tutorials

Fourth Edition · iOS 15, macOS 12 · Swift 5.5 · Xcode 13.1

Before You Begin

Section 0: 4 chapters
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About the Authors

Antonio Bello is an author of this book. Antonio has spent most of his life writing code, and he’s gained a lot of experience in several languages and technologies. A few years ago he fell in love with iOS development, and that’s what he mostly works on since then, although he’s always open for challenges and for playing with new toys. He believes that reputation is the most important skill in his job, and that “it cannot be done” actually means “it can be done, but it’s not economically convenient.” When he’s not working, he’s probably playing drums or making songs in his small, but well fitted, home recording studio.

Bill Morefield is an author of this book. Bill has spent most of his professional life writing code. At some point he has worked in almost every language other than COBOL. He bought his first Apple computer to learn to program for the iPhone and got hooked on the platform. He manages the web and mobile development team for a college in Tennessee, where he still gets to write code. When not attached to a keyboard he enjoys hiking and photography.

Audrey Tam is an author of this book. As a retired computer science academic, she’s a technology generalist with expertise in translating new knowledge into learning materials. Audrey now teaches short courses in iOS app development to non-programmers, and attends nearly all Melbourne Cocoaheads monthly meetings. She also enjoys long train journeys, knitting, and trekking in the Aussie wilderness.

Sarah Reichelt is an author of this book. She got hooked onto trying to make computers do what she told them a very long time ago and has never stopped loving it. She was inspired by Swift and now by SwiftUI to learn a new approach to this, and is a keen evangelist for developing Mac apps. When not at her computer, Sarah loves coffee, puzzles, reading and cooking - the day hasn’t started until the first cup of coffee is drunk and the crossword is done!

About the Editors

Pablo Mateo is the final pass editor for this book. He is Delivery Manager at at one of the biggest Banks in the world, and was also founder and CTO of a Technology Development company in Madrid. His expertise is focused on web and mobile app development, although he first started as a Creative Art Director. He has been for many years the Main Professor of the iOS and Android Mobile Development Masters Degree at a well-known technology school in Madrid (CICE). He has a masters degree in Artificial Intelligence & Machine-Learning and is currently learning Quantum Computing at MIT.

Gustavo Graña is a Tech Editor for this book. He started coding coding 20 years ago to solve daily problems he faced in the early 2000 to communicate, first with mIRC scripting language, but it quickly evolved into a broader interest in other areas of technology. He works with mobile since 2010 and with Swift since 2014. He is motivated by making an impact on the day-to-day with technology, trying to make life easier for others. Outside the area of technology, Gustavo is always eager to know how to have a healthier life.

Jeremy Greenwood is a Tech Editor for this book. He brings over 20 years of experience in tech, building, testing, and innovating digital products. His natural curiosity to understand the ins and outs of his craft have given him expertise in all layers of the stack, from hardware circuitry and embedded protocols to visual experiences. Jeremy is passionate about taking product ideas from the drawing board to digital screens and finds joy in the opportunity to impact users through software. He is keen on the details which elevate a project from ordinary to extraordinary. When not working on software, Jeremy can most likely be found in the woods on a trail, dreaming about creative solutions to everyday problems.

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