Jetpack Compose

Oct 11 2022 Kotlin 1.7.10, Android 13, Android Studio Chipmunk

Part 3: Manage State with Compose

15. Use the MVVM Pattern

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[Slide 1 - Declarative patterns]


Most of the ViewModels are already predefined for you, but there’s one that you’ll build yourself. Create a new file called BookReviewDetailsViewModel, and add the following code:

class BookReviewDetailsViewModel @Inject constructor(
  private val repository: LibrarianRepository
) : ViewModel() {

private val _bookReviewDetailsState = MutableLiveData<BookReview>()
val bookReviewDetailsState: LiveData<BookReview> = _bookReviewDetailsState

private val _genreState = MutableLiveData<Genre>()
val genreState: LiveData<Genre> = _genreState

private val _deleteEntryState = MutableLiveData<ReadingEntry>()
val deleteEntryState: LiveData<ReadingEntry> = _deleteEntryState

private val _isShowingAddEntryState = MutableLiveData<Boolean>(false)
val isShowingAddEntryState: LiveData<Boolean> = _isShowingAddEntryState

private val _screenAnimationState = MutableLiveData<BookReviewDetailsScreenState>()
val screenAnimationState: LiveData<BookReviewDetailsScreenState> = _screenAnimationState
fun setReview(bookReview: BookReview) {
  _bookReviewDetailsState.value = bookReview

  viewModelScope.launch {
    _genreState.value = repository.getGenreById(
private val bookReviewDetailsViewModel by viewModels<BookReviewDetailsViewModel>()