Jetpack Compose

Oct 11 2022 Kotlin 1.7.10, Android 13, Android Studio Chipmunk

Part 3: Manage State with Compose

17. Connect LiveData to Compose UI

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You’ll wrap up the reactive and declarative approach to your UI and state by changing all the other screens’ logic to use just the state from the ViewModel.

// remove state

val genres by addBookViewModel.genresState.observeAsState(emptyList())
val addBookState by addBookViewModel.addBookState.observeAsState(AddBookState())
value =
isInputValid =

value = addBookState.description
isInputValid = addBookState.description.isNotEmpty()

onItemPicked = { genre -> addBookViewModel.genrePicked(genre) })

isEnabled = addBookState.description.isNotEmpty() && && addBookState.genreId.isNotEmpty()
// remove state


val books by addBookReviewViewModel.booksState.observeAsState(emptyList())
val reviewState by addBookReviewViewModel.bookReviewState.observeAsState(AddBookReviewState())
items = books

preselectedItem = reviewState.bookAndGenre

value = reviewState.bookImageUrl
isInputValid = reviewState.bookImageUrl.isNotEmpty()

currentRating = reviewState.rating
onRatingChanged = { newRating -> addBookReviewViewModel.onRatingSelected(newRating) })

value = reviewState.notes
isInputValid = reviewState.notes.isNotEmpty()

isEnabled = reviewState.bookImageUrl.isNotEmpty() &&
            reviewState.notes.isNotEmpty() &&
            reviewState.bookAndGenre != EMPTY_BOOK_AND_GENRE