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Data Structures & Algorithms in Swift

Fourth Edition · iOS 15 · Swift 5.5 · Xcode 13

19. Trie Challenges
Written by Kelvin Lau

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Challenge 1: How much faster?

Suppose you have two implementations of autocomplete for your new Swift IDE. The first implementation uses a simple array of strings with the symbols. The second implementation uses a trie of strings. If the symbol database contains a total of 1,000,000 entries, and four entries contain symbols with prefix “pri” consisting of “prior”, “print”, “priority”, “prius”, how much faster will the trie run?

Note: Make the simplifying assumption that all O(1) operations take the same time and that n * O(1) == O(n),

Challenge 2: Additional properties

The current implementation of the trie is missing some notable operations. Your task for this challenge is to augment the current implementation of the trie by adding the following:


Solution to Challenge 1

The answer is that the trie of strings runs “way faster”.

1,000,000 * 3 * O(1) / 4 * 8 * O(1) = 93,750 times faster

Solution to Challenge 2

You’ll implement the collections property as a stored property. Inside Trie.swift, add the following new property:

public private(set) var collections: Set<CollectionType> = []
public class Trie<CollectionType: Collection & Hashable>
  where CollectionType.Element: Hashable
if current.isTerminating {
} else {
  current.isTerminating = true
public var count: Int {

public var isEmpty: Bool {
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