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Real-World Android by Tutorials

First Edition · Android 10 · Kotlin 1.4 · AS 4

Section I: Developing Real World Apps

Section 1: 7 chapters
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About the authors

Ricardo Costeira is an author of this book. He is an Android dev with a crush on clean code and software architecture. Based in Portugal, Ricardo works as a senior Android engineer at Mindera, where he builds and maintains a retailer app with tens of thousands of daily active users. Ricardo loves Android and the community, so it’s only natural that he tries to have an active part in it! He’s a co-organizer of GDG Coimbra and a co-founder of Kotlin Knights. He occasionally writes (mostly about Android) at his site,, or for He loves cats, food and the gym and he’s a specialty coffee hobbyist. You can find him on Twitter at @rcosteira79.

Subhrajyoti Sen is an author of this book. He is an Android Engineer at KeepTruckin, where he develops apps to improve the trucking industry. Before that, he also worked on apps to improve the experience of Indian investors. He believes in the power of open source and communities, and actively tries to give back. When not writing code, you can find him binge-watching anime, reading up on public policy or playing Rocket League.

Kolin Stürt is an author of this book. He is a software team lead with a focus on encryption, reverse-engineering, forensics and application hardening. He’s worked on many platforms, most notably Android, iOS and Linux. He has an interest in networking and has been hacking and developing apps since 2009. Outside of cybersecurity, he composes and performs music, as well as practicing and holding a black belt in Aikido. You can find him at

About the editors

Andy Gibel is a technical editor of this book. He started with Android around 2010 and never looked back. He’s written Android apps that run on phones, tablets, embedded devices and even a dog (long story). He once learned himself a Haskell and is fascinated by functional programming and general CS theory.

Eric Crawford is a technical editor of this book. He is a Senior Software Developer at John Deere, where he bounces between iOS and Android development. Before coming to Deere, he did freelance mobile development and server side web development using Java. In his free time, he likes to dabble in other platforms, like IOT and cloud computing.

Sandra Grauschopf is the editor of this book. She is a freelance writer, editor and content strategist as well as the Editing Team Lead at She loves to untangle tortured sentences and to travel the world with a trusty book in her hand.

Massimo Carli is the final pass editor of this book. Massimo has been working with Java since 1995, when he co-founded the first Italian magazine about this technology After many years creating Java desktop and enterprise applications, Massimo started to work in the mobile world. In 2001, he wrote his first book about J2ME. After many J2ME and Blackberry apps, he then started to work with Android in 2008. The same year, Massimo wrote the first Italian book about Android, and it became a best seller on; that was the first of a series of 12 books. Massimo has worked at Yahoo and Facebook and he’s currently working as a Senior Engineer at Spotify. Massimo is a musical theater lover and a supporter of the soccer team, S.P.A.L.

About the artist

Vicki Wenderlich is the designer and artist of the cover of this book. She is Ray’s wife and business partner. She’s a digital artist who creates illustrations, game art and a lot of other art or design work for the tutorials and books on When she’s not making art, she loves hiking, a good glass of wine and attempting to create the perfect cheese plate.

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