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Real-World Flutter by Tutorials

First Edition · Flutter 3.3 · Dart 2.18 · Android Studio or VS Code

Real-World Flutter by Tutorials

Section 1: 16 chapters
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“To my brother, Caio, who’s the only person on this list who will actually read this book – because I’ll make him. To my mom, Van, and my dad, Edson, for the unconditional love and support. To Will, my brother from another mother, and Paola, my sister from another mister, for being my partners in crime whenever I needed to decompress from this work. To Juanderson, my eternal roomie, who has always cheered for me. Lastly, to my teacher Kamila and my first employers, Ricardo and Tiago, without whom I’d probably be making my living doing something shameful to my family, like, I don’t know, coding PHP.”

  • Edson Bueno

“To my parents, Irena and Božidar, and my sister, Teja, who supported me growing up and shaped me into the person I am today. To my best friend Anej and his mobile app project, on which we worked as students. It was my first experience with Flutter and mobile development in general, and today this has grown into something I do for a living. To my friends, Albina and Jure, who always understood when I had to work instead of having fun with them. And to the co-author of this book, Edson, and the rest of the team that allowed me to learn from them while writing this book and being patient when I needed time.”

  • Vid Palčar
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