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Real-World Flutter by Tutorials

First Edition · Flutter 3.3 · Dart 2.18 · Android Studio or VS Code

Real-World Flutter by Tutorials

Section 1: 16 chapters
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About the Authors

Edson Bueno is a tech lead who has been dedicated exclusively to mobile from the very first day of his career. Having always integrated consultancy firms, Edson has had the chance to collaborate on projects from the most diverse industries and experiment with all sorts of architectures. In the Flutter space, he has kept himself an active member of the community through article writing and being the proud creator of two viral packages on, one of them elected by the Flutter Ecosystem Committee as a Flutter Favorite.

Vid Palčar is a software developer currently focusing on mobile development. He loves to seek new challenges by mainly focusing on work with start-ups and scale-ups. The projects he has been working on are solving everyday problems in the fields of smart homes and IoT, IPTV and video streaming, video and audio communication, sustainable/green mobility and logistics, and other mobile apps and games. In his free time, he takes every opportunity to explore new places, enjoy good food and attend great classical or jazz concerts.

About the Editors

Girish Maiya is co-founder of SnapCommute Labs, which builds software products as well as provides software development service to the clients, especially in Flutter. Girish is a CA and a CISA with varied experience in audits, accounts, operations, finance, ERP implementation and testing as well as building innovative applications. He has worked in multinational organisations like GE, Infosys, Ernst and Young etc. in India as well as in US and UK and served clients like Yahoo, Cisco etc. He currently specialises in building plugins for Cordova, Ionic and Flutter.

Emily Wydeven is an avid scavenger of typos and grammatical errors. She has worked extensively in the tech industry and was managing editor of an online tech magazine for several years. She is a nerd for technology, cats, medical history, and comic books (among many other things). While her favorite comic book characters are Deadpool and Squirrel Girl, the character with whom Emily most closely identifies is Nancy Whitehead.

Matthew Morey is the final pass editor for this book. Matthew is an engineer, developer, hacker, creator, and tinkerer. As an active member of the mobile community and head of Emerging Technology at Valtech he has led numerous successful technology projects worldwide. When not developing apps he enjoys traveling, snowboarding, and surfing.

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