Advanced Swift

Swift is a rich language, but it’s possible that your day-to-day work doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of the true power of the Swift Language. Learn how the experts use advanced Swift features, with topics on protocol-oriented programming, generics, protocols, values and references, types, operations, collections, memory management, and advanced error handling.

Advanced Swift

Learning path · 8 video courses (3 hrs, 35 mins)
Advanced Swift: Protocol Oriented Programming
Swift protocol oriented programming gives you the power of object oriented programming with better composability and without the baggage of class inheritance.
Advanced Swift: Generics and Protocols
The generics system and protocols are the heart of the Swift language. Learn how it all fits together in this course.
Advanced Swift: Values and References
Swift mutation model uses values and references to improve local reasoning and maintain performance. Find out the details in this course.
Advanced Swift: Types and Operations
An idea central to Swift is to use types to guarantee correctness. Find out how in this course focused on types and operations.
Advanced Swift: Sequences, Collections and Algorithms
Sequences, collections and algorithms in the Swift language are an amazing abstraction that you really need to know about. Learn the details in this course.
Advanced Swift: Memory Management
Memory management works like magic most of the time - until it doesn't. Find out what you need to watch out for in this course.
Advanced Swift: Unsafe Memory Access
Did you know you can call C-malloc straight from Swift? Swift lets access the machine at its lowest level. This course will show you how.
Advanced Swift: Error Handling
Production code is all about handling errors: programming errors, user input errors, asynchronous errors. This course covers the error fundamentals you need to know.

After completing this learning path…

…you’ll understand Swift at a deeper level, and you’ll be able to use advanced Swift features in your own projects, to build more elegant, robust, and easy-to-maintain apps in Swift.

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