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Android Accessibility by Tutorials

Second Edition · Android 12 · Kotlin 1.6 · Android Studio Chipmunk

Before You Begin

Section 0: 4 chapters
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Section I: Android Accessibility by Tutorials

Section 1: 13 chapters
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Section II: Appendix

Section 2: 1 chapter
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13. Conclusion
Written by Victoria Gonda

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What an amazing experience it’s been! You’ve learned why designing your apps with accessibility in mind is so beneficial and how to improve the experience that users have with your app. You’ve tried many techniques to make apps more operable, understandable, and robust. You’ve learned how to design your app to meet the guidelines of WCAG. Most importantly, you’ve shared the experience of your app from your users’ perspective. And now that you understand the importance of designing apps for accessibility, you’ve learned some great tips for bringing your team on board and integrating accessibility into your team’s processes.

By putting the book concepts to practice, your apps will become easier to use and understand for all users. Not only that, but you’ll rest easy knowing your app meets the guidelines for accessibility.

We hope the ideas you saw in this book inspire you to incorporate accessibility practices into your app and inspire your team and community to do the same!

If you’re really excited about accessibility we recommend Victoria’s screencast Increase Your Product Quality Through Accessibility ( If you’re looking for more books to enhance your Android development skills, we recommend Real-World Android by Tutorials. If you’re newer to Android, we recommend checking out Android Apprentice.

If you have any questions or comments as you work through this book, please stop by our forums at and look for the particular forum category for this book.

Thank you again for purchasing this book. Your continued support is what makes the books, tutorials, videos and other things we do at possible. We truly appreciate it!

– The Android Accessibility by Tutorials team

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