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Saving Data on Android

Second Edition · Android 11 · Kotlin 1.5 · Android Studio 4.2

Using Firebase

Section 3: 11 chapters
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“In loving memory of my wife, Huma. Not every warrior carries a sword.”

Fuad Kamal

“To my parents, friends and colleagues, who have always supported me and pushed me to achieve more. This book wouldn’t have been possible without them.”

Subhrajyoti Sen

“To my Mum for always supporting me. To my wife for the encouragement and amazing support in everything that I work on. To my extended family, friends and colleagues who always push me to be a better version of myself. And to Apps:Lab for nurturing and providing me the opportunity to better myself, as well as all the Android Bits members for the guidance throughout my journey as a developer.”

Harun Wangereka

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